Features List

Time Keeping

Log your time against different tasks assigned to you

Assign Task Priority

Give task a priority based on the urgency of the task

Billable vs Non-Billable Tasks

Log which tasks are billable and which are not, making billing much easier!

Log expenses against particular tasks

Incurred an expense on this particular task? log it to ensure client is billed for it.
Features List

Time allocation to Projects / Clients

Build a list of tasks for client specific projects, ensuring time is logged in an organised way.

Project Performance

Track Projects Performance - ensuring budgeted time is not exceeded

Automatically Generate Billing

Generate billing from timesheets for specific periods

Busy but not accomplishing much?

Track where your teams time is going, see how you can improve.

Attach Billable Rates

Set your teams individual billable rates or simply set a company wide billable rate!

Billable Hours VS Non-Billable Hours

Track teams billable hours vs non billable hours

Strong Reports

A number of reports for you to analyse!

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