Upload your Projects Designs, Specs and Components Online!

Create an organised front for your projects designs, upload the latest specs & components to set spaces in your project, and give access to the latest designs to anyone, anywhere!

CSDB can help architects and designers compile information on an online database and manage data related to products, specifications and materials more effectively. The software is used in the preparation of accommodation briefs and provides a robust and comprehensive methodology for managing data in a rights based manner with version control. The software can produce Room Data Sheets containing Space and Finish requirements, Furnishings and Environmental Data. Designers can use it to collaborate, create and upload the specifications. They can also connect with 3rd parties via APIs, negotiate quotes, and coordinate delivery faster than ever.

A Few Features


CSDB is a mechanism for the delivery of superior buildings


Standard Components & Specs can be utilised in multiple projects


Users can collaborate online in real-time with all changes being recorded


It helps audit the BIM compliance of major design projects


Costing and Quote management


Cloud based. API First design. Built for integration and with a highly customisable dataset


Interact with 3rd parties via APIs ( IHEEM, Procure 22, etc)


Easily Export to Excel


Highly scalable, user friendly, easily customizable, works on mobile devices

and more

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