Focus 360: Point of Sale

Making managing Retail stores easier than ever before.

The Point of Sale System supports the recording of sales of stock to third parties over the counter. It provides the necessary search facilities for users to quickly locate the required stock following an enquiry by a potential buyer, including the availability of such stock at any of the outlets operated by the firm. The necessary controls provide for the reconciliation of takings for the day. The POS system may be operated via touch screens or via conventional PCs. Support for bar-code readers, scanners, cash registers and other peripheral equipment is also supported.

A Few Features


Simple and Quick

Simple and quick POS interface that can be operated via Touch Screens or via regular PC screen and keyboard;

Receipt Printing

Printing of receipts on customised A4 layout with company logo, or alternatively on smaller chit printers.

Track Sales on Credit

Option to sell on credit, to record a new customer’s details, or to call up the details of an existing customer.

Reservation of Products

Facilities to book items for customers, with a reminder date. Booked items are appropriately marked when viewing available stock

Gift Vouchers

Support for the issuing and/or redemption of gift-vouchers.

X-Read & Z-Read

Facility to run X-Read and Z-Read on demand. User must first declare cash in his drawer so that over and under collections can be monitored;

Connect Hardware

Interfaces to popular chit printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and other peripheral equipment.

End-of-Day Runs

Facility to run End-of-day processes which finalise all closed Z-Reads for each outlet and POS, producing the necessary control reports such as Z-Read Summary, Chit Lists and automated book-keeping.

Extensive Reporting

Extensive reporting facilities including Sales by Outlet and Product group, Sales Margin report by category and product.

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