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Focus Realty is a state-of-the-art real estate software solution for real estate agencies in Malta which delivers essential business support in providing clients with exceptional service, crucial feedback and regular contact.

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Property register

The Property Register is a comprehensive module for efficient property management.Allows flexible data entry and tracking changes over time. Other features include property search, rich text support, and daily updates.

Prospect manager - Customer Relationship Management

All-in-one CRM for leads and clients. Record buyer/lessee details, preferences, and budgets. Quick property searches with cross-match options. Track proposed properties, add favorites, and assign ratings.

Sales Management, Deals, and Commissions

Our Sales Management module captures the details of agreements and includes follow-up options to ensure no detail is overlooked.
Our Staff Commissions Management module computes and manages commissions due to your staff on preliminary agreements and provides extensive reporting on revenue, commissions, and staff performance.

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