Give your Quantity Surveyors the tools to track Take Offs on the go!

Give your Quantity Surveyors the tools to track Take Offs virtually, so you can track your project efficiently!

QS360 has one aim to help Contractors keep track of the progress of their ongoing construction projects, and be able to bill in an efficient and accurate manner. Once an agreed Bill of Quantities is in place for a particular project and work begins progressing, we give the power to the Project managers/ Quantity Surveyors to track this work by reporting take offs on QS360. Your Finance department has access to the latest work which was done instantly and is able to bill accordingly. Management on the other hand have access to the latest progress reports of each project and is able to query the work done comparing what was quoted for versus what was actually done, and ultimately know the profitability of each project!

A Few Features


Accurate Cost Control across Projects


Manage data centrally


Generate Bills instantly - Shorten the payment cycle


Record Variations and Claims


Ensure margins are maintained


Fully customisable with unmatched flexibility – not one size fits all


Import BOQs, DIMS, Measurements & Templates


Easily Export to Excel


Centralised Reporting- Budget, Resource, Cost Analysis

and more

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