Focus 360: Wholesale & Distribution

Making management of wholesaling and distribution easier than ever before.

The Wholesale & Distribution system empowers you with a solid platform for the building and maintaining of a profitable client rapport as supported by an efficient distribution mechanism. The system is therefore fundamentally engineered to provide the best possible assistance to your sales efforts and distribution processes.  This is done by providing tools such as flexible pricing mechanisms and ad-hoc marketing incentives, and the proper functionality for the organisation of your distribution lists, picking of goods from stores and the delivery to clients in a timely and efficient manner.

A Few Features


Easy Quotation Issuing

Easily Issue quotations to your potential clients.

Convert Quotations to Sales Orders

Converting previously issued quotations into sales orders, by simply confirming the quote.

Strong Pricing Capabilities

Use info like: Mark-up, Average weighted cost & Last received cost, when pricing your goods.

Client Specific Price Lists

Maintain an unlimited number of customer types and ad-hoc price lists for re-sellers of the firm’s products.

Schedule Deliveries of Goods

Inputting of Sales Orders for delivery of goods to clients; with facility to replicate sales order for recurring orders

Schedule Client Sales Visits

Schedule visits to clients by salesperson on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Salespersons may use the Salesperson’s tablet to record their activity and place customer orders online;

Deliveries Paper work

Printing of pick lists, delivery notes & invoices in preparation for daily delivery of goods;

Financials Integration

On-line posting of Sales Invoices to Focus Sales Ledger or to a number of third party accounting systems

Extensive Reporting

A variety of reports showing the performance of each outlet, Loyalty Card, Product, Salesman, Deliveryman and much more.

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