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Focus 360’s Service Management module supports companies that offer services which operationally consists of their technicians visiting multiple customers in different locations, daily. The management of such a service can be a headache to say the least. Our software aids the managers in increasing the efficiency in their procedures. It provides the necessary search facilities for service managers to have access to all the schedules of each technician, to efficiently assign any ad hoc requests coming in. It Keeps a record of all service calls and sends out invoices in a timely manner, potentially improving cashflow.

A Few Features


Mobile Appointment Access and Technician Assignment

Via a mobile device, each technician will have access to all scheduled appointments and which technician they are assigned to.

Task Start and Resume Tracking

The technician may click a button to indicate that he has started work on the task or to resume a task which was previously set to status ‘Paused’ or ‘Stopped’.

Task Hold and Reminder Management

In situations where the technician is unable to complete the task, the technician may press the Hold Task button to indicate that the task is stopped and to be continued later. Reminders will pop-up to remind the technician about these jobs.

Client Signature and Service Call Completion

On completing the Service Call the technician may ask for the client’s signature, using a device attached to the tablet for the purpose. The time taken will be captured and the service call will be assigned a cost based on time and parts used.

Job Update: Time, Progress, and Parts

At the end of each job an update will be given on the amount of time spent on the job, the progress made on the job and any stock parts used.

Historical Recordkeeping for Service Calls and Billing

This information will subsequently be used as a historical record of each client’s previous service calls and for billing purposes.

Insights from Historical Records and Invoicing

Historical records will provide a good insight into the activities undertaken by each technician as well as an efficient medium by which client invoices may be raised.

Service Agreements: Dates, Frequency, and Technicians

All clients will have a Service Agreement which will define the start date and expiry date, frequency of planned visits, the route name and optionally also the default technician who will subsequently be seeing to the service calls.

Checklists for Service Agreements

A standard or ad-hoc check-list will also be assigned to each agreement, which can be viewed by both the service manager and the technicians.

Automated Charging for Ad-Hoc Service Calls

The system will distinguishing between the types of agreements that you have with your clients, and automatically charge for any ad-hoc service calls.

Invoice Reminders based on Service Agreements

The system will automatically remind you on the anniversary of when a new invoice needs to be sent to a client based on the service agreement held. This can be either in advance or post service calls.

Chief Technician: Service Call Details and Editing

The Chief Technician will view the details of all pending service calls, including the new request and edit these if necessary.

Technicians' Whereabouts Map

To facilitate this choice, the system will also display the Technicians’ Whereabouts map, showing the current location of each technician.

Calendar: Leave Bookings and Technician Availability

The calendar will also display leave bookings, weekends and public holidays so that this will depict the availability of each technician.

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