Focus 360: Inventory Management

Making managing large amounts of inventory easier than ever before.

Focus 360 Inventory is an Inventory Management Software that provides the necessary controls to manage your assets with emphasis on facilities to reduce wastage and pilferage.  This is coupled with powerful reporting tools to interrogate the detailed transaction database to produce critical management information. It also interfaces to the Focus 360 Financials and to other popular third party accounting packages to facilitate and automate book-keeping.

The Focus 360 Inventory Management Software supports the recording of details on stock items in the necessary level of detail. It provides the necessary search facilities that will enable your staff to locate a required item with ease and confidence. Additionally, the purchasing module enables you to record purchases of stock from suppliers. Stock may be retained at any location or warehouse run by the firm and the system will provide functionality to record transfers between such locations. This will give you full visibility of the availability of stock at any location. It will also assist with stock-take procedures which you may wish to run periodically at the relevant locations.

A Few Features


Easy Stock Searching Facilities

Easily Search through 1000s of stock items, showing all the important information.

Re-order Levels

Set all your minimum stock levels. Hence advising the system at what quantity you would like to re-order. Ensuring to meet your customers demands.

User Defined Stock groups & Sub-Groups

Break up your stock into Stock groups and Sub groups to have greater visibility and further ability to drill down on your data.

Track Expiry Dates

Get Notifications on items about to Expire, so your team can act accordingly.

Stock Taking functionality

With our stock take functionality, you can kick off a stock take either for all your products at once, or for just a few products in a specific location.

Bill of Materials

Facility to link several stock items into one manufactured product to compile a Bill of Materials or assembly.

Purchase Orders Tracking

You can easily keep track of the status of all your Purchase orders by having all important details on one screen.

Inter- Location Transfers Management

Easily manage the stock movement between your different store locations. You also can replenish your shops inventory levels from your main warehouse with ease.

Supplier History

Keep track of previous orders from your supplier, to easily replicate orders and refer back.

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